Welcome to Unley Mothercraft Nursery & Kindergarten in Unley, South Australia.

A safe, positive childcare environment with experiences that foster all aspects of your child’s development.

Situated on 73 Marion Street, Unley we are a childcare centre and kindergarten that offers rich values, shared knowledge and early learning education to get your child ready for the next step in their development. Unley Mothercraft take a certain pride in your child’s needs, care and education to give them the best possible start.

We pride ourselves on being actively engaged in each child’s development, learning and growth throughout their younger years. So that our parents feel comfortable and supported that, their child is getting the best education and early years care.

We are committed to working together with families to ensure that our unique service has a lasting impact on the life and learning of all children in our care. We believe that all families have a right to quality child care. 

Friendly Atmosphere for quality childcare.

We assist children to develop the skills to negotiate their own rights and to build resilience and emotional well-being. Children are given opportunities to connect with peers and collaborate together to form valuable relationships, respect and interdependence. Children are exposed to an environment where they can stimulate their imaginations and curiosity allowing them to further develop.

Dedicated classrooms with highly skilled educators.

Our Educators are professional, passionate and caring towards children and families. All educators are encouraged and provided with opportunities to develop their own professional practice and learning. Our teams work towards supporting, challenging and assisting each other to succeed in reaching shared goals and provide an inclusive environment for learning and growth. We are committed towards growth and improvement and use reflective practices to continuously improve our service and meet the needs of all children, families and educators.


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